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About kalemat
It requires relationships, tenacity and a creative approach to get the attention. That’s where Kalemat Communications comes in. We’ll make sure you’re active at the right places, at the right time and with the right message.
Our Office
7 Diwan Street,
Garden City,
Cairo, Egypt
Working Hours
9AM - 5PM, Sunday to Thursday
+20 100 456 7890

"I absolutely LOVE this company!"

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Amr El Kady, CEO of City Edge Developments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between communications & PR ?

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More Details

How will we be able to measure the success of your work?

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Who should apply for the Startup Plan?

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Please Note! Not everyone is accepted into our Startup plan.

Do you also do Reputation Management?

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Do you offer summer or winter internship opportunities for students?

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Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

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Is there someone I can talk to about my project?

Absolutely! You can reach us by sending us a message on our social media channels, or by email.
Our email is: info@kalematcommunications.cominfo@kalematcommunications.com nn

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