City Edge Developments signs with Gama Engineering for the Construction of Phase 2 of “Etapa” Sheikh Zayed

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Cairo, Egypt – May 3; 2020:   City Edge Developments, the National Developer of Egypt, announced the signing with Gama Engineering and ConstructionServices to carry out the construction works for  Phase 2 of Etapa, a high-end mixed-use project launched two years ago by City Edge Developments in Sheikh Zayed.  

“We have been progressing very rapidly with our construction schedule”  said Mohamed El-Mikawi, CEO of City Edge Developments adding that the tender issued for phase two attracted a large number of leading construction companies in the bidding process.  The contract valued at 138 EGP million,“ensures a 12-month construction schedule which is in line with our aspiration to continue the fast pace of development “

Gama Construction, with an impressive portfolio of accomplishments over 30 years, has won the tender based on technical and financial merit amid heavy competition.  According to Eng. Amr Al-Tawil, Chairman of Gama Construction “We look forward to starting the project in partnership with City Edge Developments, in terms of quality specifications and time limitation it will be challenging but we are confident we will deliver on quality and on time as is our standard “

As for the health safety measures undertaken in relation to the COVID-19 spread, our employees and partners on site are implementing the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all on site personnel. El-Mikawi explains “We are keen to provide full protection for our workers and partners in all work sites from possible infection, accordingly  we’ve set up a number of safety measures such as sanitizing gates which workers pass through to get fully sanitized, hand-sanitizers, gloves, and masks upon entry to the project premises. Most importantly we have further distributed the work force across different rotational shifts in order to avoid congestion at construction sites and prevent the spread.”

About City Edge: City Edge Developments is Egypt’s National leading real estate developer and development manager. A company established in 2017 between New UrbanCommunities Authority (NUCA) - Ministry of Housing and the Housing &Development Bank (HDBK.CA), the company develops and manages the development of premium real estate projects all over Egypt that spans across many asset classes. That is in addition to a diversified land bank for third –party accounts containing indirect real estate holdings under their management that span a range of investments across all asset classes including residential, hospitality, retail, office and education. Awarded “the Fastest Growing RealEstate Developer in Egypt”, City Edge Developments has successfully launched over 10 projects in various parts of the country since its establishment and always on the lookout for new opportunities and business partnerships to fuel its ambitious growth plan.


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